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Vampires Vs Werewolves Essay Outline

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Comparing Vampires and Werewolves
Star Koning
January 12th,
Karen DeVries

Comparing Vampires and Werewolves
Vampires and werewolves are ravenous demons that haunt our dreams, and dwell in the dark murky shadows of the night. They like to creep around in the dark, and will attack when least expected. These creatures of the night can live within the human population. They could be your neighbor, your local bank teller, your pastor, your local store clerk, or even your best friend, and in most cases they are never even noticed. That is until one is breathing down the neck of an unsuspecting victim. Vampires are not born, they are human first. They have to be bitten by a vampire who drains their blood, and then they must…show more content…

Humans are drawn to them because of these features. Some vampires are tortured by the curse of being a vampire, and have managed to retain their souls. These vampires no longer burn in the sunlight, no longer fear religious icons, and do not like garlic only because of how bad it smells. What it comes down to, is that vampires are less scary and much more desirable now, then what they use to be.
The classic werewolf would only come out during a full moon, and would attack and kill anything that moved. They were also tortured by the fact that they were a wolf and had no control over their actions after the change. By day, werewolves were human, and were forced to live around other people. This was the reason for human attacks. Werewolves could only be killed by a silver bullet to their heart. (Dale Smith, January 25, Retrieved from…/comparing-…) The modern werewolf has come to terms with being a werewolf. They have learned how to keep themselves away from humans during their transition and a full moon. They have been known to chain themselves up with silver chains, and lock themselves up in a cell. Some of them will even take wolf’s bane, which is a plant or herb that stuns the werewolf and makes them weak. Some werewolves are less affected by the full moon, and can change themselves anytime they want. (L.J. Smith, the CW television series, The Vampire Diaries,

Out of all the mythical creatures in the world the most common and the most known mythical creatures are vampires and werewolves. And where there are vampires there are most likely going to be werewolves. So now let me tell you some of the similarities and differences between vampires and werewolves which you may or may not know. Vampires and werewolves are both mythical beings created in the ancient times but have now become exceedingly popular in today’s day and age. This is because of the numerous novels, television shows and movies about them.

Both, vampires and werewolves are creatures of darkness. People associate them with bloodshed and murder. Both vampires and werewolves kill human beings for their survival. Vampires drink human blood and werewolves eat human flesh to survive. Vampires and werewolves are super strong and super-fast. You cannot run from them because they are faster than you and you cannot hide from them because they can probably smell you out. Apart from this vampires and werewolves cannot be killed easily. They recover from any injury within seconds. But like all other creatures they have their own weaknesses.

Vampires can be slowed down with an herb called vervain and for werewolves it is wolfsbane. A wooden stake in the heart will kill a vampire and a silver bullet to the heart will kill werewolf. These two creatures are more different than similar. Firstly, vampires and werewolves are arch enemies. To become a vampire one has to die first. They have to die with vampire blood in their system and then when they are woken up from their death they need to feed on human blood in order to complete their transition. Anyone who wishes to be a vampire can become one. But becoming a werewolf is genetic.

The werewolf gene has to be passed on to you to become a werewolf. So even if you do not want to become a werewolf and you have the werewolf gene in you, you will become one. Because the vampire has died before becoming one, his/her heart does not beat. And if it does not beat it will not pump blood. So vampires drink human blood to survive. The second difference is that vampires are burned by the sun and werewolves can only transform when there is a full moon. This is known as the sun and the moon curse. There are some powers that vampires have that werewolves do not have.

Vampires have the power to compel human beings, meaning that they can tell you what to do and you have to obey them. You are under their total control. Unfortunately, werewolves have no similar powers. Also the blood of vampires can cure any human of injury. If you are badly hurt and about to die vampire blood can save your life. But then again vampires cannot enter your house unless they are invited in. So you have to be careful who you invite into your house. Because once invited they cannot be uninvited. Also one bite from a werewolf can kill a vampire.

Vampire bites do not have any effect on werewolves. Another special attribute of vampires is that they can turn off their emotions. In my opinion I think this is bad because if you turn off your emotions, you turn off your humanity. So you feel no love, no hate no anger, no happiness. At that time you are just a creature without a soul. Personally I prefer vampires over werewolves because firstly, you can choose to become a vampire but you cannot choose to become a werewolf. Secondly, a vampire can just survive on the blood of animals and so you do not have to kill human beings for food.

Whereas werewolves cannot control what they eat because they are not in their correct frame of mind when they turn into werewolves. Finally, a vampire can compel human beings so you can make a human being do whatever you want him or her to do. Also you can always be a vampire each and every day, throughout the whole day. Even in the sun you are vampire though you cannot go out. But when you are a werewolf, you are a werewolf only once a month, when there is a full moon. So which monster would you rather choose to be, a vampire or a werewolf?