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The Prisoner Of Chillon Essay Scholarships

Lord Byron's The Prisoner of Chillon Essay

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Lord Byron’s poetic work “The Prisoner of Chillon” tells the struggle between a person’s ending their suffering and accepting it rather than holding on to the hope of freedom. The author uses symbols to represent the immediate end of suffering, acceptance of defeat, and succumbing to torture in competition with hope, strength, and faith in eventual freedom.
     The symbolism of the chains represents the prisoners’ bondage. When the eldest of the prisoner’s younger brothers died, the chains were removed and his body was given partial freedom. However, he was buried in the cell in a section where the sun would not shine. In this way “even in deaht his freeborn breast / In such a dungeon could not rest.” The chains…show more content…

When his brother had died, he gave up on everything. As far as he was concerned, “there were no stars, no earth, no time, / No check, no change, no good, no crime.” But when his curiousity got the better of him, he noticed the beauty of nature and wished for freedom as shown by the “heavy load” that was replaced when he decended back into the cell. When he had looked out, he saw mountains and a river that never changed, but he also saw an island with three trees. The trees and island represent the brothers alone and secluded in their cell. This caused great pain for him for it brought back his hope for freedom that he had had before his brothers’ deaths, but the knowledge that he had been in prison for a long time and had no idea when he would get out, if he would ever get out. He accepts all of this and just decides to accept the situation and “learned to love despair.”
     In the midst of this poor man’s despair, a bird had come to visit him, representing hope’s grasp on him. He had just finished explaining how nothing existed to him “but silence, and a stirless breath / Which neither was of life or death.” Then all of a sudden a sound broke the silence and it was certainly a stirring breath of life. The bird’s song had stopped momentarily and then began again because it shows that even though the hope or struggle for freedom can be hindered shortly, it will begin again. The bird’s song caused the prisoner to

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