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How a UK NARIC Statement of Comparability can help

Posted: January 16, | Author:UK NARIC|Filed under:Immigration, UK NARIC | Tags:Immigration, NARIC, Qualification equivalence, recognition, Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 4, Tier 5|

Please note that since this article has been published immigration guidance has changed. Please see our post UK NARIC’s Visas and Nationality Service launches on 6 April which contains more up-to-date information.


Every year we get contacted by tens of thousands of individuals and thousands of organisations about Statements of Comparability; but what are they and how can they help?

In basic terms a Statement of Comparability (SoC) is an officially recognised document that confirms the recognition of overseas academic, vocational and/or professional qualifications and the comparable level in the UK.

Who uses them?

Any individual  coming to the UK to work or study should really get a SoC.  It ensures that an individual’s qualifications are understood.  SoCs are a key tool in facilitating mobility.  The recognition given by UK NARIC helps assure quality associated with an award and safeguard standards.

So, this document is pretty important.

As stated above tens of thousands of individuals use UK NARIC to obtain SoCs and the requests come from across the globe.  The table below shows the top ten countries over the past year:

And the chart below shows the range of reasons behind applications:

Why do these individuals use them?

We have conducted a survey into why people are using our service and the main reason as to why they were applying for a SoC was to enhance their application.

The comments made in the survey also back this up:

  • To improve chances of future employment in the UK
  • For better career options
  • To become a nurse
  • Entry for sixth form college
  • To make sure my degree was equivalent to UK degree, so that I don&#;t have to do another degree programme
  • Employment in (the) UK
  • Study and use it for proof for other jobs
  • For immigration to (the) UK*
  • To study, to register and to find a job
  • For Immigration* & Employment in future

Where can they be used?

All sorts of organisations use UK NARIC’s assessments as part of their day-to-day work.  Universities, colleges, Blue Chip employers, immigration consultants, careers advisors and professional bodies all use the information and data we provide.  If an individual with qualifications from outside the UK is applying to any of these types of organisation then a SoC could be helpful.  It can also support applications made under the Points Based System for immigration to the UK*.

More info?

More information about the Statement of Comparability can be found on the UK NARIC website.

You can apply online and information about what documents you need to send are also explained in the Coming to the UK section of the site.

Tim Buttress, January


*Please check the Home Office website to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.

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