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Condoms High Schools Essay

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Distribution of Condoms a Plus for Teens A lot of the parents of todays society feel that condom distribution in high schools violates moral and ethical norms. This makes it hard for those parents to see the other side of condom distribution. Instead of taking a side, take time to think back on what the invention of the condom had done for the world today. When used in the right way, condoms can reduce the risk of being infected with a sexually transmitted disease, and it can also prevent the birth of unwanted children as well. Condom distribution also helps teens learn about sex before it is too late.

This controversy is fairly new, thus means a lot of thought might not be put in to the real issue. The controversy sprung up when teachers and parents where looking for a way to lower teen pregnancy and prevent teen Sexual Transmitted Diseases. Condom distribution has many other advantages for teens, like being convenient, saving cost, and preventing self-humiliation of having to go some where else to get a condom. Condom distribution in high schools will teach kids about the importance of wearing condoms to prevent the spreading of STDs. Wendy Intrator, a parent, stated I think it is important for condoms to be available (n. p. ) If you thought your child was having sexual intercourse wouldnt you feel safer knowing that your child had and was wearing protection?

With all of the STDs rolling around these days it is better to be safe than sorry. The world is not a fairy tail. Mistakes are being done, but with condom distribution those mistakes dont have to last a lifetime. Some people want to believe that the distribution of condoms will destroy the morals of teens and will create a higher population of sexually active teens (n. p. ). It is human nature to have sexual intercourse and to be able to sexually reproduce.

Its a natural instinct that has been molded in the minds of the human race for millions of years. Rush Limbaugh, politician, stated, You cannot stop teens from having sex or anything else they want to do (n. p. ). By trying to prevent teens from having sex will only make matters worse. Teenagers will learn about sex sooner of later, whether it is through their parents, sexual education, or other means (n. p. ).

It is all a part of being a teenager. Condom distribution along with sex education can teach young adolescents the good and bad consequences of sex. Its obvious that by just handing out condoms will not convince young teenagers to actually use them. They must be educated about the subject before they can actually make the decision to have sex. A concerned teacher, Lorraine Wargo, responded, We have a responsibility to educate our students and protect them (Rss).

I agree with Wargo. We have to protect are future and the students are the future. It is the responsibility of the adults to protect them. Condom failure is more often due to user failure rather than a product failure (n.

p. ). Condom Distribution along with sex education will also give teenagers a better understanding about how to prevent teen pregnancy. This is why proper education about sexual intercourse is the key to the distribution of condoms in high schools. Catherine Lee, writer, stated, teenagers will understand and be made aware of the consequences of teen pregnancy through sex education (n.

p. ). This, in the long run, will help teens save money by not having to take care of a child. With help from parents and schools teenagers can understand the importance of wearing protection when engaging in sexual intercourse. Furthermore, the will understand its significance in preventing teen pregnancy as well as STDs. I believe that with the right education and condom distribution we can lower teen pregnancy, STDs among teens, and unwanted babies. Condoms are not a way to demoralize, but a way to prevent mistakes from being bigger mistakes.

I hope that everyone can conclude this is an issue of teaching and protecting the safety of are youth. Anderson, Kerby. The teen sex revolution. http: web Decarla, Pamela.

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Distribution of Condoms in Public High Schools Essay

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Distribution of Condoms in Public High Schools

Coinciding with the onslaught of the new millennium, schools are beginning to realize that the parents are not doing their job when it comes to sexual education. The school system already has classes on sexual education; these classes are based mainly on human anatomy. Most schools do not teach their students about relationships, morals, respect, self-discipline, self-respect, and most importantly contraceptives. Everyday students engage in sexual activity, many of them with out condoms. This simple act jeopardizes these students' futures and possibly their lives. An increasing amount of school systems are starting to combine messages involving abstinence from sexual activity,…show more content…

Students that are sexually active need to have access to condoms to protect themselves against sexually transmitted diseases. Teens have problems with birth control for several reasons, and because of this lack of birth control teens are more susceptible to pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases.

The problem with birth control today is obtaining it in the first place. For most teens getting birth control is an intimidating experience. Girls must have a complete gynecological exam, which most have never had. Girls must also speak with a doctor about wanting birth control. "Even if it's only a male going to the store to get condoms he has to put up with comments like, 'I'll have to charge you an entertainment tax.' A female goes in and she hears, 'Hey honey, you're not the one whose supposed to be buying these.' She gets embarrassed" (health clinic worker). When free condoms are offered to students, they are less embarrassed to receive them. Students with condoms are more likely to use them during sexual activity.

Experts say the lack of knowledge on how to use a condom correctly and the lack of motivation to use a condom every time means that condoms fail more often. This could result in pregnancy or the contraction of STD's. Teenagers reuse condoms or they use it with a petroleum-based lubricant which can dissolve the condom's latex. Birth control products are only effective if used properly. Rates of failure for condoms are between 2 percent and 14

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