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Psychotherapy Research Paper Topics

Psychotherapy Essay Examples

Counselling and Psychotherapy

This therapy proposed by Carl Rogers, as for objective, to provide the client with the necessary help, allowing the individual to find a certain internal well being. Through this well being, the client is able to explore their inner feelings and work with these feelings to find their own solution to troubles from which they&#; View Article

The Uses of Drama and Enactment in Group Psychotherapy

The relationship between the use of drama and group psychotherapy remains fundamental. At one point dramatic activities such as enactment of scenes, role play, telling stories are fundamentally useful in developing group psychotherapy measures. Basically, group psychotherapy is a system of approach with which a therapist or even many of them provide their psychotherapy treatment&#; View Article

My Journey to Being an Advocate of Reality and Existential Therapies

Introduction For someone who has always seen himself as lesser superior than others; for someone whose confidence is always behind the scene; for someone who has never really seen himself any bigger than a green pea; for someone who has acquired numbers of rejection which, apparently, outnumbered number of acceptance from people around him; for&#; View Article

Thematic Apperception Test

The Thematic Apperception Test was developed by Henry A. Murray and C. D. Morgan in Johnson () argues that “The Thematic Apperception Test remains one of the most popular psychological assessment devices” (p. ) but others lament that the test is not being used very frequently nowadays (Cramer, ). In the initial stages of&#; View Article

Therapy or no treatment

Introduction When we study human behavior, specifically focusing on the development of personality and crucial to how a person or individual conducts him/herself, psychology offers a variety of dimensions. The concept of personality is central to our attempt to understand ourselves and others and is part of the way in which we account for the&#; View Article

My Great Passion for Therapy

This paper entitled “My Great Passion for Therapy” has several objectives. First, it intends to discuss the topic in psychology that interests me most – “therapy”. Another objective of this paper is to explain the aforementioned and state some of the types of therapy. Last but not least, it aims to share my personal preference,&#; View Article

Group therapy

A. Thesis Statement Homelessness is truly one stressful situation faced by large number of women in the United States nowadays. This is, for most cases, a consequence of past events in a woman’s life such as physical, domestic, and sexual abuses at some point in her life. Homelessness leads to number of negative implications in&#; View Article

Issues with the use of Internet and Electronic Media

Abstract This study aims to tackle the growing issue relating to the widely use of internet and electronic media in the society.  Also, this research will also examine the impact of these technologies in the point of view of human ethical standards as well as how it affects the professional practice in psychology.    Table&#; View Article

The Grape Family

The Grape family in the movie “What’s Eating Gilbert Grape” consists of five siblings: Larry, Amy, Gilbert, Arnie, and Ellen. The mother and father are now deceased. The father committed suicide sixteen years ago in the family’s basement at the age of forty. The mother recently passed away from complications due to morbid obesity, her&#; View Article

Psychology Of Adjustment

When a person hears the term psychotherapy, images of a white padded room and a person wearing a straightjacket immediately enter the mind. Psychotherapy was at one time in the history of mental health, taken to mean that a person has lost control of his mental faculties and now requires severe medical treatments such as&#; View Article

Psychology Diagnostic Film Goodwill Hunting

Diagnosis The client is a male in his early 20’s. He presents with a number of symptoms associated with antisocial personality disorder. The client has a history of breaking the law. He has been arrested a number of times for charges ranging from assault to grand theft auto. The client’s most recent arrest was the&#; View Article

Religion, Spirituality, and Health Status in Geriatric Outpatients

Daaleman, Perrera and Studenski wished to re-examine the effect of religiosity and spirituality on perceptions of older persons, operationalized as geriatric outpatients. The authors proceeded from two conceptual constructs.  The first is that self-reported health status is central to aging research.  The old know whereof they speak.  Self-ratings are valid because they correlate well with&#; View Article

Psychotherapy Main Concepts

               When we study human behavior, specifically focusing on the development of personality and crucial to how a person or individual conducts him/herself, psychology offers a variety of dimensions. The concept of personality is central to our attempt to understand ourselves and others and is part of the way&#; View Article

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

In the early ’s there was a drift towards Cognitive Behavior Therapy as people turned away out of disappointment in the psychodynamic theory for psychotherapy. Also at this time social learning theory was the new and upcoming study. This is when Cognitive theory emerged with Alfred Adler. He was the first Cognitive therapist who came&#; View Article

Effective Therapy Regardless of Therapeutic Techniques

Beutler, Machado & Neufeldt () present a review of data from a large number of studies on the characteristics of therapists in relation to the effectiveness of psychotherapy. The findings suggest that the training and experience of therapists is almost irrelevant to the outcome of psychotherapy. Moreover, the directivity of therapists is largely counterproductive, although&#; View Article

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