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Health Administration Personal Statement Samples

Health administration helps people. But you know you can help more people and make a bigger difference if you worked within a humanitarian organization. That’s understandable. There are some awe-inspiring positions you could find yourself in given enough time and dedication. And a master’s degree, usually. Let’s take a look at some of them now.


Partners in Health (PIH) are currently seeking a Mirebalais Hospital Clinical Program Coordinator to work in Haiti. PIH is a nonprofit organization headquartered in Boston, MA, and their mission is to provide quality health care for the poor and marginalized in Haiti, Rwanda, Lesotho, Malawi, Peru, Mexico, Russia, the Dominican Republic and Navajo Nation.

Abt Associates is seeking an Associate for Public Health for their Maryland Environment and Resources Division which helps federal and state environmental and resource management agencies address complex management, policy and regulatory challenges. This post involves managing and serving as lead consultant for quantitative analyses on issues of environmental and public health risk assessment, and you should have degrees in public health, toxicology, risk assessment or a related discipline – an MA or MS and years’ experience or a PhD and years’ experience.

Save the Children is currently looking for a project manager to work in Kutkai, Burma, in the Mandalay Region. This project manager will be responsible for the successful management and implementation of the program, which will involve technical support in the field, monitoring, management of the team, as well as other tasks. Frequent travel will be involved in this post, and the ideal candidate will have at least 6 years’ experience in a related field; a Bachelor’s degree and a post-graduate degree related to public health, community development or civil society; three years’ management experience; lots of ambition!

The list goes on. Check out for more jobs like this. But first, you’ll probably want to get yourself some expertise, some advanced knowledge. To help in a strategic, intelligent way. Right?


The University of Oklahoma, USA offers students the opportunity to gain a in Health Administration. This course will give you the knowledge, abilities and skills to enable you to become a senior health service administrator or policy analyst. This course costs 17, USD per semester for international students, and includes modules in: Organizational Theory and Behavior; Health Economics; Health Policy and Politics; Operations Research; Health Care Law and Ethics; Marketing of Health Services; Human Resource Management; Financial Management of Health Service Organizations; Forecasting and Budgeting; plus many more!

The University of South Florida runs a Master’s in Public Health Administration online, which focuses on the financing, organization and delivery of public and private health services, as well as the development and implementation of public health policy. It costs USD per module for international students and includes modules on: epidemiology, biostatistics, environmental health, health policy and management, and social and behavioral health; finances, planning and data sets. Elective modules allow you to develop specialized knowledge in an area you are specifically interested in.

The University of Alberta in Edmonton, Canada holds a Master in Health Policy and Management which emphasizes the critical issues of policy formulation and implementation; the development of you analytical skills; you gaining the expertise necessary to lead and manage health systems, programs and agencies in both the health and social services sectors.

If Public Health is more your thing, the Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine in the UK runs a in International Public Health, which costs GBP 17, for non-EEA students. This one-year course offers you four pathways, and the option to spend a period of time outside the UK undertaking a client-based or student-initiated dissertation project. It will equip you to provide leadership and technical support in public health in middle and low income countries, covers a wide range of topics in public and global health and will provide you with advanced knowledge of the current policies and practice in international public health, developing policy and how to enhance practice based upon sound, evidence-based principles. You will have all the knowledge, skills and understanding needed to join a senior management team that develops, implements, and evaluates policies and strategies to improve health in communities, countries and globally at the end of the course.

The Southeast University China in Nanjing, China is looking for new students who would like to study on its Master’s in Public Health in Global Health program. This full-time, two-year program is taught in English and prepares health professionals for the practice of global health in developing countries. The program focuses on the issues that surround the public health field in a global context, including infectious and chronic diseases, environmental pollution, climate change and it will provide you with the competence and tools for strategic planning, professional public health networking, emergency management, and the formulation of public health policy on a local and global level. This course costs EUR per year for international students.

While the majority of the US population is located in the south, most of the southerners tend to not have insurance, something that is directly translated into a need for free healthcare. This directly demands more and more professionals in healthcare administration, so more people can enjoy from an efficient public health service. Yet, someone who wants to graduate from an MHA program needs to have a previous undergraduate program, enough professional achievements, and experience, and finally be able to pass the MHA personal statement.

The personal statement for masters in healthcare administration is a personal statement like any other, where the applicant needs to portray the reasons to apply and what makes him stand out from other applicants for the program. And as said before, being able to study this program helps the student to achieve a higher level of education that can eventually help both take care and save millions of people’s lives who don’t have insurance.

Common Mistakes of Writing a Healthcare Administration Personal Statement

Writing a personal statement for healthcare administration may seem like an easy job, yet it can extremely difficult and sometimes make the applicant nervous and anxious. But if you take a look at the following common mistakes, you may avoid this anxiety and nervousness:


Sometimes applicants forget what a nursing school personal statement is and how it can help them be admitted into a master’s program like this. Simply, a personal statement for masters in public administration consists of explaining the reasons and motivations to apply. Additionally, you can explain briefly your interest in the field, your love for the career and something you must do no matter what – talk about your experience and how this may help you advance professionally. As simple as this, but normally making students feel confused like in this example:

“As a year old white man, my purpose as a healthcare professional has been to help people from my country when it comes to health. Yet, my career has been so good that I’m thinking of keeping my studies and advance as a professional so I can offer a better service to my patients and clients. My first job was an assistant doctor, and then I started to learn everything I need to know to become better, from how to treat infections to cure harder and more complex conditions like hepatitis and such. But as an inexperienced doctor, I got sick at my first job one month after starting”

As you see in this example, the applicant forgot about the purpose of his personal statement for healthcare management and started to write about his experience in a specific way – something that is not recommended, especially when you talk about getting sick…


Even though the previous example could be used for this one as well, we have an even better example of how an unorganized personal statement, with a wrong format and null writing skills, can harm your admission. Take a look:

“I started working as a doctor in and from then I’ve taken care of more than patients in the course of 6 years. I graduate in but my studies weren’t enough so I took a course on nursing for 1 year. My experience has been vastly helpful but I still think I need more studies to become better. Not a single life has been lost thanks to my skills and patients are always satisfied with my treatments.

From here I want to keep going in my career and professional knowledge. My family has been greatly honored and supportive from and for me. As a doctor, I’m accomplished and happy but keep my studies is a must now. Hope I can get into this program. Thanks!”

By simply skimming through the example you can see how the applicant of this statement didn’t work on the format or organization. Thus, his healthcare management personal statement has no flow and is a little difficult to read. Avoid this and try to be more engaging for better opportunities of getting admitted.


How to Write a Masters in Hospital Administration Personal Statement

As said before, an MHA personal statement is not easy. If you don’t take care while writing one of these you may as well fail and make yourself a less-than-average applicant for the admission committee. That’s why we recommend you to follow these steps:

  • Read the personal statement instructions carefully: Every university has a set of instructions for each personal statement. Take a good look according to your desired career and make sure it goes according to what’s needed.
  • Create a good structure: A good structure for a healthcare administration personal statement should be based on an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. Tell your life as a doctor, your previous experience in the introduction and body, then talk about your future goals and hopes in the conclusion.
  • Start and conclude strongly: An efficient way to create a personal statement is by starting and concluding strongly. Make good remarks and statements about your passion and motivations while starting and conclude with a good anecdote and your goals.
  • Ask help from other people: People with previous knowledge on personal statements can help you create a better one. They will allow you to know where you are less efficient and where you are good enough. Improve accordingly.
  • Avoid silly remarks: Silly remarks like putting yourself like a good doctor, a strong worker, someone with grit and such can make you look less engaging. Avoid this and focus more on your experience, anecdotes, motivations, and goals.

Alan Bullock, a Career Advisor from Which? University recommends to also showcase your skills as a professional, “But don’t simply list off the skills you think you have – think about which ones relate most readily to the course you’re applying to. Then demonstrate how you’ve developed, used and continued to strengthen these.”

List of MHA Programs in the US

  • University of Minnesota MHA: Focusing on the development of each health professional, this program offers a more practical curriculum for more efficient and productive professionals.
  • George Washington University MHA: Located in the Milken Institute of Public Health, this program which can be taken both physically or online requires students to have a minimum of 3 years of experience.
  • John Hopkins MHA: Bloomberg School of Public Health offers a professional, rigorous, and top-notch program that also allows students to receive accreditations and memberships to CAHME and AUPHA.
  • Harvard T.H Chan HPM: The Healthcare Policy and Management program at Harvard is an incredibly efficient and professional experience for students both in theory, practice and applied skills.
  • Georgetown University MHSA: A full-time program for students that focuses on practice and competency as well as offering accreditation to the CAHME.
  • University of Michigan MHSA: Focuses on the financing, management, marketing and organization of healthcare services and providers. Top-notch program for qualified students.

Why Hiring a Professional MHA Personal Writing Service Is a Good Idea

Do not think that even when you know the most common mistakes of writing a personal statement for master’s in public administration you will be able to nail it and become a student as easy as that. You may write a perfect statement, but there’s also a great possibility you fail to portray the important factors and details of a personal statement. So, would you risk your maybe only opportunity to be admitted?

Hire a professional to do the writing of your personal statement for Masters in Health Administration and avoid being overlooked by the admission committee. With our good writing service, you will be able to get the admission and impress everyone without a doubt.

Get in touch with us today and receive the best help for your MHA personal statement! Don’t hesitate and avoid making mistakes you could regret your whole life!