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Completing My Education Essay

My Education Essay

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My Education

When speaking of the topic of who a person is and their past, a massive part of this includes their educational background. Isn’t this what forms people, their education? Of course, this doesn’t always have to refer to their organized education. Everything that a person learns is something that educates them; these words being synonymous. Even something like first learning to tie your shoes is a part of your education. Which method works better for you: loop, swoop, and pull, or bunny ears? I of course, like any other well educated person, use loop, swoop, and pull; it’s just the best way, no bias has ever developed there.

I started out as a twinkle in my father’s eye in the fall of , and then on that fateful…show more content…

Starting in Nana’s Nuggets preschool, which had a lot of interactive learning, I began my first venture into organized education. This was a very warm environment, same as in my home, where caring and working with others was very important. I made a lot of friends in this school that I actually stayed with through all of high school. When this short stint was finished, I graduated onto Seward Elementary School, located in the same buildings as the Middle and High Schools, where I first learned that kissing a girl on the hand in kindergarten at story time wasn’t a good idea. In the Seward Community Schools system, ones learns a lot about the natural world around them, and about Alaska in general, being as it is one of the worlds greatest natural resources. After first grade, there was a new building necessary, as the population of Seward, like any other place on earth, was growing. This new school was where I had a second grade teacher who had actually been in the Ms. America pageant, whom everyone had a crush on. I started music which I loved every minute of, as it would become a large part of me. As any other elementary school, this was where I learned my basic stuff of course: typing, addition, speling, and even crazy things like percentages!

Going into middle school, I always had a taste for math and science, learning quickly all I could. Other things

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My Education is the Key to a Successful Future Essay

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“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world;” this simple statement by South Africa’s first democratically elected president, Nelson Mandela, expresses a fundamental truth of the world- something as simple as education can change everything. A constantly changing geopolitical environment has continued to place increasing amounts of emphasis on obtaining a post-secondary school education. Despite this, as many as 16% of all Americans ages drop out before completing a secondary school education and obtaining a diploma.(1) The question which few dare to consider, which I now find myself faced with, is simple: how my education is the key to a successful future. To completely grasp the extent which my…show more content…

What my education will culminate in is making me aware of all that goes on around me, both directly and indirectly, and the reasoning and motivations behind it. During my career as an Army officer I will be faced with decisions that will put men and women’s lives in danger; there will be no room for hesitation, never will I be able to ask, “Why am I doing this?” By obtaining a premium education, by understanding the reasoning behind what I do, I will be able to quickly and confidently assess any situation and make decisions that will further the goals of democracy and peace. “I am a member of a team, and I rely on the team, I defer to it and sacrifice for it, because the team, not the individual, is the ultimate champion.” With this simple statement Mia Hamm exemplifies the importance of considering one’s self as part of the group rather than a stand alone individual. In accordance with this, assessing how my education is the key to a successful future must not be limited to my individual future, but rather to how my education will benefit society as a whole. A powerful high school education, one which allows for the discovery of the operational parameters of society, which enumerates cultural misunderstandings and fosters understanding, is the first step. Following this, a West Point education- a massive investment from the American taxpayers, valued at about $, in will make certain that I am educated in all matters of national

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