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As Media Coursework Storyboard

MS2: Coursework Production

This unit is worth 50% of the final grade for AS media studies.


Produce a storyboard for a charity moving image advertisement. This should follow the conventions you have identified in your research and it needs to fit in with the overall campaign you are creating.


Produce three print advertisements for your allocated charity, focusing on purpose, audience and overall campaign unity.

Examples of students&#; print charity advertising campaigns.

Report ( – words)

For your report you need to write about how your research informed your pre-production (storyboard) and then evaluate your production (three print adverts).

Suggested structure

  1. Outline and explain the research you did prior to beginning your pre-production. What conventions did you identify? Give examples. You must explain how you used your research to help you with your storyboard.
  2. Explain WHO your target audience is. Justify this audience and explain HOW your production (print advertisements) has been constructed to appeal to them. Extension task – discuss audience theory and link it to your report.
  3. Evaluate your print adverts. You should:
    • Ensure that you are critically reflecting on your three print adverts.
    • Take in to account the feedback from you charity – use their comments
    • Compare your production with the texts (or other, similar ones) you analysed as part of your initial research. Do this by exploring its strengths and weaknesses:
        • What have you done well/effectively?
        • Ask an audience for their opinion.
        • Compare it with one or two existing products and highlight some key features.
        • What technical problems did you encounter?
        • What doesn’t work well? Why not?
        • What does your audience think doesn’t work? Why?
        • Explain what you could do to improve your production – cross-reference to existing products.

Submit a draft and make sure you pay attention to any corrections or comments.

Event Date & Time

  • March 1, 
     am -  pm

Event Description

What is a script? What is a storyboard? Why do you need them? How do you build them?

Are you an Instructor or Staff wanting to integrate a digital media project assignment into your coursework/work environment? Perhaps you are developing out a series of course lecture videos and not sure where to start. Join us for this hands-on exploration on the fundamentals of DIY media scripting and storyboarding &#; the Pre-Production phase of a project &#; where all the planning takes place even before the camera starts rolling! 

We’ll explore some examples of finished videos from the perspective of the scripting and storyboarding process, and the wide variety of approaches that can be taken. Please arrive with your own projects and creative briefs in mind, so that we can help you accomplish the scripting and storyboarding dreams that you never knew that you had!

10am – 11am presentation; 11ampm workshop/discussion

Led by Chris Spencer and Michael Sider, Producers at UBC Studios




Registration Required

At this time we require everyone - UBC affiliated or otherwise - to register for the CTLT events system. If you already have a CWL please sign in. However, if you do not have a campus-wide login, then please register for a BASIC cwl account (you will see basic as the bottom option on the 3rd screen)


Venue:   University Services Building, UBC Studios- Main Studio - Room



West Mall, Vancouver, British Columbia, V6T 1Z4