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Data Management Culminating Assignment Help

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Mathematics of Data Management, Grade 12, University Preparation (MDM4U)

Course Outline

Students can use the Math Homework Help for help with their homework.
Unit 1: One and Two Variable Statistics
Sep 5Opening Day!
Sep 6Organizing DataPg. #1, 2, 3a, 7 abc, 8
Sep 7Displaying Data
Pg. #3 bc, 4, 6, 7 d, 12
Sep 8Note: Conclusions and Issues
Ex 1 - Faux Class hair and eye colour
Ex 2 - Ontario Youth's Feelings About School
Pg. #, , 19 (Split bar graph)
Sep 11Note: Median-Median Line
Instructions: How to draw a median line (This will be provided to you in class)
Example - Recycling Habits (Excel)
Quiz 1 on Thursday, Sept. 14 (up to and including today's lesson)
Pg. #,
Sep 12Note: Scatter Plots and Correlation
Example - Time vs Number of Boxes of Nails Used
Pg. #2,3,5 and Worksheet
Sep 13Quiz tomorrow
Note: Linear Regression
Linear Regression_Example(excel file) 
Sep 14Residual Plots
Completed Note
Example - Height of Plant
Pg. #, 15 (Refer to pg. for help with Fathom as needed)
Sep 15Quiz 2 on on Tuesday, Sept. 19 (more info. to follow in class)
Unit 1 Test on Thursday, Sept. 21

The Effect of Outliers (DO NOT PRINT)
The Effect of Outliers_Answers
Instructional_Hours_vs_Test_Scores_Example (Excel file)
Pg. # & Pg. #4,6
Sep 18Quiz 2 tomorrow
Unit 1 Test on Thursday, Sept. 21

Non-Linear Regression
Non-Linear Regression Example (to be done in class, Excel file)
Non-Linear Regression Example Completed
Worksheet (Do not print since it will be provided to you in class)
Sep 19Quiz 2
The Power of Data in the Media
The Power of Data in the Media_Answers
Unit 1 Test Review
Unit 1 Test on Thursday, Sept. 21

Pg. #, 6,
Sep 20Quiz 1 Solutions
Quiz 2 Solutions

Unit 1 Test Review (Refer to the file above)
Summary of the Correlation Coefficient and the Coefficient of Determination
Pg. # & Pg. #
Sep 21Unit 1 Test 
Sep 22PD Day!
Unit 2: Using Technology to Analyze Data (Fathom and Excel)
Sep 25E-STAT Activity (No need to print  it)
Sep 26Unit 2 Test will be on Friday, Sept. 29
Smoking and Cancer Correlation Activity (Do not print!)
Sep 27Cause and Effect Criteria (Part of yesterday's activity)
Football Injuries Activity (Do not print!)  
Unit 2 Test will be on Friday, Sept. 29
Sep 28Cause and Effect
Cause and Effect Worksheet
Sep 29Unit 2 Test 
Unit 3: Analyzing One-Variable Data
Oct 2Sampling Presentation Assignment
Evaluation checklist for the Sampling Presentation Assignment
Oct 3Unit 1 Test Solutions
Sampling Presentation
Sampling Techniques - Compilation of students' work
Sampling Techniques - My note  
Oct 4Types of Distribution
Example - Earthquake Magnitudes  (Fathom File)
Pg.  #, ad, 8 ab, 9
Oct 5Measures of Central TendencyPg.  #, 5, 8, 8, 10
Oct 6Mini Project (More details to follow in class)
Oct 9Thanksgiving!
Oct 10Measures of Central Tendency (continued)
Example - Done in Class
Pg.  #4, , 16, 17
Oct 11Quiz on Monday, Oct. 16
Measures of Spread - Box and Whisker Plot
Box and Whisker Plot Example and Instructions 
Box and Whisker Plot_Worksheet (will be provided to you in class) and 
Pg. #1, 2,  5 (do not calculate s.d.), 9
Oct 12Measures of Spread - Standard DeviationPg.  #3, 4, 5 (s,d only), 6, 10
Oct 13Quiz on Monday, Oct. 16
Work on the mini project
Oct 16Unit 3 Test will be on Thursday, Oct. 18
Bias (Do not print!)
Pg.  #, 8, 9, 11
Oct 17Unit 3 Test will be on Thursday, Oct. 18
Margin of Error
Unit 4: Normal Distribution
Oct 18Unit 3 Test tomorrow
Unit 3 Test Review
Quiz 3 Solutions
Pg.  #
Pg. #2,4
Pg. # and the Box- and-whisker plot worksheet.
Oct 19Unit 3 Test
Oct 20Work on the mini project
Presentation Mark Sheet
Oral Presentation Rubric
List of Analysis Tools
Oct 23Unit 3 Test Solutions
Presentation Order

Normal Distribution
Pg.  #1, 3,
Oct 24Normal Distribution (Continued)Pg. #12,
Oct 25PercentilesWorksheet
Oct 26Mini Project Presentations
Oct 27Mini Project Presentations
Oct 30SummationWorksheet
Oct 31Quiz on Monday, Nov. 6
Normal Distrubuton and Z-Scores
Completed Note
Pg.  #1 ac, 2, (for #5 select the z-score that is colsest to the given percentile stat.
All percents in the table are approximate.) 
Nov 1Z-Scores Intervals
Completed Note
Pg. #, 17, 18
Nov 2Finding the Mean and the Standard Deviation  
Completed Note
Nov 3Quiz on Monday, Nov. 6
Final Project 
Presentation Requirements
Potential Project Topics
Checkpoint #5 due next Friday
Unit 4 Test on Wednesday, Nov. 8
Nov 6Quiz
Partial Solutions to Worksheet Review
Fathom and Curve of best fit for Normal Data
Nov 7Unit 4 Test tomorrow
Unit 4 Test Review
Worksheet Review
Partial Solutions to Worksheet Review
Worksheet Review
Nov 8Quiz 4 Solutions
Unit 4 Test
Unit 5: Sets and Probability
Nov 9Experimental Probability
Nov 10Checkpoint #5 due today
Checkpoint #6 due Next Friday
Nov 13Simulations
Generating Random Numbers in Excel
Simulations in Excel
Example - Done in class
Pg.  #1, 8, 12, 13
Nov 14Simulations IIPg.  # 6 & 7 a, 9, 10, 11, 16
Nov 15Simulation Assignment (will be provided in class) 
Nov 16Checkpoint #6 due today
Checkpoint #7
Nov 17PD Day!
Nov 20Theoretical Probability
Standard Deck of Cards
Pg.  #
Nov 21Quiz on Friday, Nov. 24
Completed Note
Nov 22Probability of Mutually Exclusive Events
Completed Note
Pg.  # , 7, , 18
Nov 23Quiz tomorrow 
Unit Test on Wednesday, Nov. 29

Conditional Probability
Completed Note
Worksheet (will be provided in class)
plus Pg.  # 1, 2, 4, , 9 a-e, 10, 14
Nov 24Unit Test on Wednesday, Nov. 29
Checkpoint #7 due end of class
Checkpoint #8 (Due next Friday)
Nov 27Independent Events
Completed Note
Pg.  #
Nov 28Unit 5 Review
Unit Test tomorrow
Pg.  #2, 3, 5 a-c e, 9, 10 a-d
Pg.  # 1, 2, 7a
Pg.  # 13 a, 15
Nov 29Unit 5 Test
Unit 6: Permutations and Combinations
Nov 30Factorial Notation
Completed Note
Dec 1Work on Checkpoint #8
Dec 4Permutations with Distinct Objects
Completed Note
Pg.  # , 8 a, b iii, iv
Dec 5Quiz on Friday, Dec. 8 - Factorial Notation and Arrangements
Permutations with Like Objects
Completed Note
Dec 6Combinations
Completed Note
Pg.  #
Dec 7Quiz tomorrow
Completed Note
Pg.  #
Dec 8Quiz
Putting it All Together
Solutions to Putting it All Together
Putting it All Together (worksheet)
Dec 11Unit 6 Test will be on Friday, Dec. 15
Pascal's Triangle
Completed Note
Pg.  # ,   b, 12, 22
Dec 12Unit 6 Test will be on Friday, Dec. 15
General Term of  Binomial Theorem
Completed Note
Pg.  # 14, 15, 21
Dec 13Unit 6 Test will be on Friday, Dec. 15
Unit 6 Review
When Selecting Objects Chart (will be provided in class)
Pg.  # 5 dfg, 6 d-k
Pg.  # 4, 6, 7 b
Pg.  # 3, 4 ac, 5, 6
Dec 14Unit 6 Test Tomorrow
Checkpoint #9 is due on Dec. 22 
Checkpoint #10 is due today
Dec 15Unit 6 Test 
Unit 7: Probability Distributions
Dec 18Expected Value
Completed Note
Pg.  # , 10, 15, 16, 18
Dec 19Binomial Distributions
Completed Note
Pg.  # ,
Dec 20Normal Approximation for the Binomial Distribution
Completed Note
Pg.  # eop,
Dec 21Unit 7 Test will be on Thursday, January 11
Normal Approximation (continued)
Completed Note
Pg.  # , 14, 19
Dec 22Checkpoint #9 is due today
Written Report is due on January 12,
Rubric for Oral Presentation
Final Project Presentation Order
Jan 8Final Project Presentation Order
Unit 7 Test will be on Thursday, January 11
Geometric Distribution
Completed Note
How to Make an Effective Power Point Presentation
When Presenting (suggestions from previous year's projects)
Geometric Distribution Worksheet Solutions
Worksheet (will be provided to you)
Jan 9Hypergeometric Distribution
Completed Note
Jan 10Unit 7 ReviewPg.  # 2, 7, , 13 a-c, 3 plus the worksheets for
Geometric and Hyperdeometric Distuributions
Jan 11 Unit 7 Test
Final Project Presentations start on
Written Report is due on the day you present!
Jan 12Final Examination Review
Exam Tips and Breakdown
Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 Review
Solutions to Chapter 1 and Chapter 2 Review
Chapter 3 Review
Solutions to Chapter 3 Review
Chapter 4 Review
Solutions to Chapter 4 Review
Chapter 5 Review
Solutions to Chapter 5 Review
Jan 15Final Examination Review 
Jan 16Final Project Presentations
Jan 17Final Project Presentations
Jan 18Final Project Presentations
Jan 19Final Project Presentations
Jan 22Final Project Presentations
Jan 23Final Examination Review Continued
Jan 24Final Exam Review Answers
More Final Exam Tips
Jan 25Unit 6 Test Solutions
Unit 7 Test Solutions
Final Exam Review Solutions
Final exam will take place on Wednesday, January 31, , a.m. in Room
Please, bring your textbook with you.


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