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When The Wasps Drowned Essay

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1 An Introduction to the Story
When the Wasps DrownedAn Introduction to the Story

2 What was in the box?Discuss with your shoulder partner, what was in the box? How did it make you feel?Stuffed glove in a box as pupils enter class. They have a feel in the box and try to guess what’s in there.

3 Learning ObjectivesTo consider the key themes, issues and ideas of the story

4 Inside-Outside Circle
What do you think is going to happen in this story?Use the Inside-Outside circle to get partners to discuss their predictions.

5 That was the summer Therese stepped on the wasps’ nest and brought an end to our barefoot wanderings.

6 We heard her screams from inside.

7 She came back a moment later and we angled the light
She came back a moment later and we angled the light. At the end of the tunnel…Feedback by asking students what their partners said.

8 Read lines Underline any words or phrases which give you a clue about WHEN this story happened.

9 Read lines Underline the VERBS used in this section.
What do you notice? Why do you think the writer has done this?

10 Read lines Underline THREE quotations which show us something about the your quotation with an explanation about what this shows us about the narrator.

11 Read linesFind an example of each of the following techniques and annotate your copy of the dfknj.wz.czA short sentenceA complex sentenceCareful use of adjectives (describing words)Appeal to the senses (see/hear/touch/smell/taste)

12 Read lines 85 - How old is the narrator?
What makes you think this?Re-read line Now you know the ending, what does this line suggest?

13 What would you do?DECIDE WITH YOUR SHOULDER PARTNER WHETHER YOU AGREE OR DISAGREE WITH THE STATEMENTS ON THE CARDS. BE PREPARED TO GIVE REASONS FOR YOUR my opinion…I agree with you because…I’m in two minds about this one. On the one hand…I disagree with this statement as…I don’t agree with what you said about… because…Another reason I think that is

14 In the UK, the age of criminal responsibility is 10 years old.
Rights and WrongsSome psychologists say that babies as young as 15 months know the difference between right and the UK, the age of criminal responsibility is 10 years old.

15 Which sentence do you agree with the most and why?
StatementQUOTEIn the story ‘When the Wasps Drowned’ the children behave in a shocking, evil way. The narrator is only interested in keeping the diamond ring. She doesn’t care what happens to the body in the the story ‘When the Wasps Drowned’ the children behave in an understandable way. They don’t know what to do so they pretend nothing has the story ‘When the Wasps Drowned’ the children are old enough to take responsibility and do the right the story ‘When the Wasps Drowned’ the children don’t know what is the right thing to do. How would they? They’re just children after is not about right and wrong, good and bad; it’s a lot more complicated than that. I don’t think the children in ‘When the Wasps Drowned’ should be judged in these terms.

16 Learning ObjectivesTo explore

17 Blind Sequencing One person should deals the cards out face down.
Mark the back of your cards with your have a few minutes to look at and memorise your cards then put them face down on the dfknj.wz.czbe your cards as well as possible to your teammates without looking!After all the cards have been described, the team works together to sequence your cards (face down) on the table. (No looking!)Once you think you have properly sequenced the cards, flip over the cards and check to see how you did.

18 Exploring SymbolismDenotes – the literal meaning. The word is used to name the object or dfknj.wz.czes – (connotation) the things that we think about that is associated with that word.


20 Carousel Consider the symbolism of the following from the story:
The waspsThe dead bodyThe diamond ringTherese’s dreamThe gardenUSE THE THINKING QUESTIONS AT THE SIDE TO HELP YOU COMPLETE YOUR BUBBLE MAPS.

21 Pathetic FallacyPathetic fallacy n. when human emotions or characteristics are given to objects, nature or the weather (especially in art or literature).This is a type of symbolism that a writer can use to show the mood or atmosphere of a dfknj.wz.czic fallacy is when the weather or seasons is used symbolically to suggest a certain tone or mood.

22 Rally Robin adjectives to describe the mood of this picture.

23 Rally Robin adjectives to describe the mood of this picture.

24 Rally Robin 3 adjectives to describe the mood of this picture.

25 Choose the best word to describe the mood of this extract.
Charles Dickens, Great Expectations And the sky was just a row of long angry red lines and black lines intermixed…TroubledExcitedFearsomeOminousPleased

26 Pathetic Fallacy in the Story
Example of weather from the storyWhat mood or feeling is coming across in the story?

27 Structure Reminder!Unscramble the following terms to do with structure…T R O T I I N D C U N OI O N E C S TF L I C C T O NL O T PM B O L Y S

The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World and The Drowned Giant

Words11 Pages

Write a comparison of The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World and
The Drowned Giant, commenting in detail on the ways in which the authors' use language to convey their respective themes.

"The Handsomest Drowned Man in the World" by Gabriel Garcia Marquez and "The Drowned Giant" by J.G. Ballard are both short stories written with similar plots but explore extremely different themes. In this essay I am going to compare the theme, plot, setting, language choices and stylistic effects between the two short stories and how all these relate back to theme itself.

The themes of the stories are totally different. They are both about how societies react to the external world and exotic things, but the meanings are exactly opposite.…show more content…

The giant was much huger in size compared to
Marquez's story, but he was never accepted into the society. The crowds of people, except for the narrator never believed in what they saw and took him as some joke and amusement. The crowds took no respect to the giant and climbed all over him and destroyed him. After the excitement wore down, no one cared about him anymore and was left there to rot. The giant was never accepted and was always treated as an outsider and the people rejected any humanity of him. In this story, the theme Ballard explored is that people in civilized places see amazing things happening everyday, but it is always ignored and prefers the old, lazy and boring life, no one prefers any change to doubt their knowledge and society. Society needs something to have faith in, to inspire us and give us hope, but in Ballard's story, the change was rejected.

At the beginning of the story, the settings of the two stories are very similar, but tell different details on the setting. Marquez described the first children who found out about the drowned man "let themselves think it was an enemy ship", then "a whale" and at last they realized that it was "a drowned man". These tell us that the village people were often threatened in survival. The descriptions were made to stresses the size of the drowned man-this conveys the exoticness of the drowned man to the children, but could be still

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