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Assignment Parallelogram Proofs Worksheet

Product Description

Parallelograms Proofs Part 1 Practice Worksheets (Classwork and Homework):

This set of classwork and homework assignments will help your students practice proving that the opposite sides of a parallelogram are congruent and that the opposite angles of a parallelogram are congruent. Students should have some knowledge of CPCTC proofs before attempting these assignments. These practice worksheets include a 2-page classwork assignment and a 2-page homework assignment, for a total of 4 pages of practice!

The classwork assignment includes proofs where students have to fill in only the reasons, proofs where students have to fill in a mixture of statements and reasons, and proofs where students have to fill in the entire proof. The classwork assignment has 6 proofs. All of the proofs are 6 or 7 steps long.

The homework assignment includes the same types of proofs as the classwork assignment. There are 6 proofs on the homework assignment. The homework assignment includes proofs where students have to fill in a mixture of statements and reasons and proofs where students have to fill in the entire proof.

The “Reasons” used in these proofs are: Given, Definition of Parallelogram, If two parallel lines are cut by a transversal, then alternate interior angles are congruent, Reflexive Property of Congruence, ASA, and CPCTC.

This set of practice worksheets comes with 4 pages of proofs practice (1 classwork assignment and 1 homework assignment), answer keys, and a PowerPoint file containing pictures of the worksheets and keys. The worksheets in the PowerPoint are NOT editable. When you purchase this set of practice worksheets, you will receive a pdf containing the worksheets and answer keys, and you will receive a PowerPoint file. Before purchasing this product, please review the preview file closely to make sure that these proofs are appropriate for your students.

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Terms of Use:

This product is intended for use by one teacher. Do not share this resource with other teachers in your school building, district, etc. Do not post this resource or any part of this resource on the internet, on school websites or on network drives. The appropriate number of licenses should be purchased if you wish to use this resource for multiple teachers in a school, district, or organization. Do not share, transmit, or reproduce any part of this resource without the permission of the author. Thank You!

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Total Pages

4 Pages of Worksheets + Keys + PowerPoint

Teaching Duration

50 minutes

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