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Computer Science Personal Statement 13

Computer Science interests me because it incorporates both logic and systematic working with a form of speed and automation that could never be achieved by an individual. My first experience of this was when I observed a programmed onscreen "turtle" complete complex movements; this showed me the strong link between mathematical knowledge and its practical application. AS Computing furthered this, which enabled me to program my own Snake-esque game at home, showing me how I could apply mathematical skills, such as method and logic, to computers. I enjoy looking at as many outcomes as possible in terms of a program, for example how the program should react if a certain circumstance occurs, regardless of likelihood, yet still maintaining a level of efficiency.

This summer I attended a course about the Linux operating system. This reminded me of a project that I had read about several years ago that was to develop an Xbox games console into a desktop workstation. At the time I judged this to be something too complicated and expensive to attempt so dismissed it. Over time I read about parallel processing and its applications, often from the Computer Science 4 Fun magazine. This combined to give me the confidence to start making my own Xbox workstation. However, I soon realised that this project lacked the complexity to challenge me for very long, so in the last couple of months I have been creating an Xbox cluster system. I intend to host my own website on this as well as a few parallel processing applications for benchmarking.

In my GCSE years I developed modifications for a computer game and learnt some Visual Basic. From this I gained a limited knowledge of programming, and the skills to teach myself. Recently I was asked to redesign the website for the West Wilts U3A, a project I am managing bearing in mind the limited skills of the end user.

I attended a NAGTY maths summer school which allowed me to experience a wide range of mathematical topics. This year I attended Villiers Park to participate in another maths course, from which I particularly appreciated a lecture on statistics as it showed me how the same things could be presented in so many different ways.

I have participated in the UK Maths Challenge, twice achieving gold. I enjoy the Challenge as it gives me the opportunity to complete non-standard problems. Studying AS Level Maths and Further Maths has taught me how to look at a problem in different ways, and to try many approaches; a technique I have found myself using repeatedly in AS Computing. I found the decision module of maths stimulating as putting thought processes to numerical solutions and operations is something that interests me about Computer Science. AS Physics helped me develop the ability to link evidence to explanation.

Alongside my maths and computing interests I am taking part in the Duke of Edinburgh Silver award scheme and am a Young Leader with the local Scouts. I play the viola at a grade 5 level and am a member of West Wilts Youth Orchestra. I have been elected by staff and peers to be PR/Communications officer on the sixth form committee and a member of the school council. In addition I spent a year helping a young student with dyslexia develop his language and reading skills. This term I will be stage managing the school production of A Midsummer Night's Dream. I also enjoy debating at Model United Nations conferences, which involves flexibility of thought. I keep up to date with New Scientist magazine, as well as reading Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels.

A Computer Science degree particularly appeals to me because it has a practical value, leading to a variety of careers. It is a subject which would enable me to stretch my problem solving abilities, both mathematically and analytically, as well as equip me with a diverse range of skills. As well as a passion for technology, I have a real enjoyment of maths, so feel such a degree will challenge and enthuse me.

Universities Applied to:

  • The University of York - Conditional (AAB)
  • The University of Warwick - Conditional (AAB/ABB)
  • University of Bath - Conditional(AAB)
  • University of Southampton - Unconditional (ABB/BBB) - Insurance
  • Oxford University - Unconditional (AAA) - Firm

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Computer Science 30 Personal Statement

The challenging, problem-solving and logical aspects of computer sciences are some of the many reasons why I want to study this at university. I have always had the ambition to do something related to IT even from as young as eight years old. Computer Science is the only degree that matches my interests, whether it be programming, Operating Systems, A.I, software engineering or database systems and many more. I have the desire to learn more and improve my knowledge, learning new things in IT is passion of mine; I would do anything to increase my knowledge of IT, as the industry continues to develop.

My current course has made me more committed to study a degree in computer science, with many of the units giving me valuable experiences into what computer science could be like. A major part of the course is to learn about programming, it wasn't easy at first; it was like learning a new language. As time went on I started to love solving complex problems in programs, the harder the project the more determined I was to get good results, and even when I had the result I would go over the code and see if there was any way I could improve it. One of the projects I did for programming was to design a simple computer game with moving objects. This then brought me to "Object-oriented programming". I had to design and program objects to act on certain instructions and then do something based on that requirement. This taught me that logical thinking and creativity can come together to make a program.

Another area of the BTEC is learning about networks. One of our projects was to connect all the PC's together to make our own LAN. This taught us about the theory behind connecting them and also the physical aspects of connecting them to the router and switches. We were expected to carry out this exercise as independent learners which I enjoyed. We were also required to set up a DHCP server and also the subnets addressing for the different networks which then allow all the computers to be connected and also share data, information, Hardware, and resources.

Outside of college, I try to develop my knowledge and skills in many different areas of IT. At home I have set up my own network and mange 6 PC's, which have access to files and resources (printer). I also decided to set up project for myself in web development and wanted to know how to make a simple user-database. From using tutorials online I had developed a simple and easy user-database system in PHP. I wanted to use Dreamweaver as my coding application and then use Apache as my web server. This was challenging because I had to be motivated to get it completed. It also taught me lot about PHP and MySQL with it being server sided scripting language. This wasn't something I was used to and this made me more determined and confident that I could finish it and learn more. The project was a success and I continue to add features to the code with the more I learn about CSS and PHP. I am committed and passionate to learn more about I.T. I watch the news and read articles which are based on technology, I am always on top of what new technology is coming out and when it's released.

My dream for the future includes studying for either a post-graduate course in Computer Science or doing a PGCE, which would enable me to pass on my skills to others. I live on a small Island that doesn't have a big IT industry and a small infrastructure compared to the UK; I want to be able to work with advanced technology and learn as much as I can and I know I must leave Jersey to be able to do this. This is something I am looking forward to and am excited to do.

Universities Applied to:

  • The University of Nottingham (Computer Science G) - Offer (DDM) Insurance
  • University of East Anglia (Computer Science G) - Withdraw
  • King's College London (University of London) (Computer Science Year In Industry) - Offer (DDM Specific Units Required) Firm
  • University of Sussex (Computer Science G) - Offer (DDM)
  • Lancaster University (Computer Science G) - Offer (DMM)
  • Lancaster University (Computer Science G) - Offer (DMM)

Grades Achieved:

  • Achieved all Distinctions in the BTEC


General Comments:

Nearly a year on from writing my Personal Statement, and i can see how many errors i made, a lot of the stuff i have typed i shouldn't of including.

Just note for students who are applying lectures/teachers will know you love computers and probable have done so since young age, talk about something else!

Read some extra books increase your knowledge! My personal statement was written by me and i could of done so much better but i ain't complaining i got into my firm :)

Comments on the statement:

I have to say, it's a good personal statement. I'm not sure why you have your forum signature state "NOT", it should be similar to your statement for those who wish to apply for a computer-related degree. Could you please highlight the areas in which you think shouldn't have been added? Also, what bits do you think you forgot to mention?

Thank you.

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